Two Kuwaiti designers have joined a group of 18 Bahraini Entrepreneurs

TWO Kuwaiti designers have joined a group of 18 Bahraini entrepreneurs who are showcasing a host of locally-made products and designs.

Fashion designers Nora Al Hathran and Emanmoon are taking part in an exhibition called +973 Artisanat Creative Entrepreneurs, which is an initiative that falls under the Wihda Wahda (Let’s Unite) campaign.

The three-month exhibition, which will run until the end of July, aims to promote young Bahraini artists and develop their talents.

It showcases works of art, handicrafts, sculptures, paintings, home furniture and appliances, fashion and accessories.

“This exhibition has set the bar high as it provides products of a different level,” said exhibition director Dr May Al Otaibi, who is also Mayasem Communications chief executive.

“The Kuwaiti designs were exhibited to challenge the Bahraini participants to bring out their best.”

Among the exhibitors were Bahraini duo Essam Fadhul and Mohammed Abudrees, who co-founded Wood Jewellery together because they wanted to create the perfect gifts for their wives.

“We are crazy about wood, especially saj wood and rosewood, so we decided to carve a unique accessory to show our appreciation to our wives, and that is how it all started,” said Mr Fadhul.

“The main reason we took part in this artisan destination is to increase and encourage local production.”

Another exhibitor was Elham Kamal, who created JJ Love, a children’s clothing line that was named after the initials of her two daughters.

“I started designing gargaoun outfits for my family and friends, who have pushed me to go further and start my own business,” she said.

“All my accessories are imported from outside of Bahrain because I want my customers to wear items that they would never find in any other outlet in the country.”

The exhibition is being sponsored by the Industry and Commerce Ministry in collaboration with Tamkeen and is being held at +973 Gallery in Juffair.